Torque-'n-Tension coating like in a beer garden

The customer: International hydraulics manufacturer

The challenge: A complete solution was required for a relatively heavy component with turning and milling, electroplating and a partial torque-'n-tension coating of an internal thread. Problem: There was no suitable supplier in Germany who could partially coat the part at the desired position instead of using the barrel process. Using the barrel process would damage the heavy component.

Our solution: The idea for precise and damage-free partial internal coating with the Torque-'n-Tension solution came after work in the beer garden. Just as glasses in restaurants are rinsed by placing them on a brush and letting water flow out of the integrated washing nozzles, the internal thread in question can also be coated with pinpoint accuracy.
Together with a warewashing equipment manufacturer and a plant manufacturer, we developed a suitable solution that is also more environmentally friendly than a conventional solution using the drum method. This is because we save around 80 percent of the solution otherwise required by spraying a precisely dosed amount onto only the areas to be wetted.