About us

Our world is sophisticated precision turned parts, milled parts and metal assemblies. Our world is a world in which machines do what we tell them to do. A world in which precision can no longer be seen with the naked eye and a hair's breadth is too coarse a yardstick. We are not precise, but more precise. This is the only way we can be and remain successful in the competition for the best solution. That's why we work on how we work. That's why we take a holistic view of all processes in our company. That's why we set the highest quality standards. And that's why we combine a high level of vertical integration with a breadth of production for a wide range of dimensions, materials and batch sizes that can hardly be found anywhere else.








Years of experience

Certification for our energy management in accordance with ISO 50001:2018


Honored with the Bosch Supplier Award


We receive ISO 14001 certification for our environmental management system


We are expanding our production portfolio with internal grinding and non-circular grinding technologies.


Extension of our ISO 9001 certification (ISO & TS)


We achieve our ISO and VDA certification


Handover to the third generation: Josef Rees and Thomas Rees take over the management.


Relocation to a larger company building


Certification according to DIN ISO, outsourcing of hardening technology as an independent company Härterei Rees


First certification according to DIN ISO, outsourcing of hardening technology as Härterei Rees


First hardening furnaces are purchased


Start of CNC machining


Entry into textile technology


New building and relocation of the company to the outskirts of Wehingen. The second generation joins the company: Georg and Valentin Rees are now at the helm.


Founded by Josef Rees in his own house as a sideline to farming


Our US cars

Police Car
The original US Police Car, built from 1994 to 2004, was used for patrol duty in Pennsylvania and is now in production at Rees for safety and a free ride.
The data: Chevrolet Caprice / built in 1994 / V8 / 5.7 liter displacement / 264 hp / on patrol duty in North Cornwall Township (state of Pennsylvania) until 2004

The trainees at Rees also appreciate the American classics. A Ford Mustang Convertible (1966) is available for them to drive to vocational school. Open at the top - just like the career ladder at Rees.

Fire Chief
Short response times and reliable partnership - Rees Zerspanungstechnik stands by its customers even when there is a fire - this is embodied by the original Fire Chief from the University of Reno.
The data: Chevrolet Caprice / built in 1996 / V8 / 5.7 liter displacement / 264 hp / in service at the University's Fire Academy in Reno / Nevada until 2008

Rees stands for optimum performance and exceptional service - both for customers and employees, symbolized by an original "Yellow Cab" cab from New York.

These cars are movie stars and bring back memories for all of us: As emergency or civilian vehicles, they have chased through the streets of San Francisco; as cabs, they have taken almost all Hollywood stars to the most beautiful hotels. The fact that they now play a special role at Rees is due to a lucky coincidence and a special weakness for special vehicle technology.

Because there is more behind these lovingly maintained vehicles than just a passion for American classic cars: they also fit perfectly with the special skills of Rees Zerspanungstechnik.

After all, what General Motors achieved – back in the 1960s – with a standardized model platform for the Chevrolet Caprice, namely to use one vehicle type in a wide variety of versions for a wide variety of needs, is also reflected in the versatility of Rees' service portfolio.

One platform, many possibilities - that is exactly what we offer our customers: the greatest possible variety of solutions for the production of complex turned and milled parts from a single source. At Rees, every "application" is a different challenge and can be "driven" with the right "vehicle" (i.e. the right technology), the special know-how and a special service.

Accordingly, each vehicle version of our US cars is assigned to a Rees service. These American classic cars naturally catch the eye. And Rees also uses this "catching the eye" for communication.