REESümee – special projects, every day

Insights behind the scenes often reveal what makes the seemingly self-evident results of our work so special. Here you will always find new highlights that we have prepared for you from this spectrum.

Rees boosts the aerospace industry

We showed what Rees has to offer with precision and good ideas for manufacturing in the aerospace industry with an exhibition stand in prominent company at the 17th Day of the German Aerospace Regions of the BDLI.

Torque-'n-Tension coating like in a beer garden

How can an internal thread on an already galvanized component be coated without causing damage? With an ingenious idea from the catering industry.

Mercedes Benz Cabriolet

Unruly convertible head protection

How tricky can it be: making a pyrotechnically triggered head restraint for a convertible? If it has to be made of spring steel: very tricky!

Tablet-Computer, der von junger Frau bedient wird

How we contribute to the production of high-quality tablet computers

Only the best tools are good enough for the production of Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Note. So the ones from our production!

The challenge of e-mobility - it only runs smoothly with machining

The electric motor is coming – and with it the highest demands on components and their processing in order to guarantee smooth running and durability. A case for Rees.

Non-destructive measurement options in the ultimate variety

We like to take a very close look - and not just at length, width and height: find out what equipment we use to keep a constant eye on proportions, surfaces, layers and much more for you in order to deliver optimum quality. And, of course, without destroying any parts.