Non-destructive quality testing in the ultimate variety

To really have quality under control, it is often not enough to simply measure parts: Because there are far more characteristics than just micrometer dimensions and the correct proportions of a test part. This is why we have invested in technology throughout the last few years to be able to record other features in addition to the usual dimensions. And at our company, these possibilities are quite extensive. We work with this technical equipment, among others:

  • 3D laser screening microscope
  • Measuring microscope
  • Measuring projectors
  • Conturograph
  • 3D CNC measuring machine
  • Laser contour measuring machine
  • Topographic measurements
  • Coating thickness testing
  • Concentricity measuring devices
  • Roughness testers
  • Digital height measuring devices

In addition, of course, there are the usual testing tools and devices that are used directly at the production site on a daily basis for initial measurements of the quality produced. As you can see: We like to be very precise. And of course we also document this for you.